Los documentos publicados, estan a disposicion de todos los socios del FC Barcelona y medios de comunicacion que deseen consultarlos.

Sandro Rosell y su Junta se "incomodan", cuando no era de dominio publico, no lo estaban? Valores - Transparencia - Dimision

30 de septiembre de 2014

BSM: El testaferro

Aqui teneis los dos videos del 10/12/2010, como introduccion a todo el affaire vivido de Bonus Sports Marketing durante estos cuatro años, de como Sandro Rosell y sus socios, le rieron las gracias y se rieron de todos los presentes en la sala y de la masa social del FC Barcelona.

Sirva como recordatorio, que Rosell anuncio la venta de su sociedad BSM, como habia prometido en campaña electoral, al conglomerado DAG (Dallah Albaraka Group) un grupo multinacional Saudi, con headquarters en Londres y Duseldorf, con mas de 150.000 trabajadores y empresas de Marketing y Media.

Como ya estaba publicado en este blog, Rosell no fue revocado de BSM hasta el 6/6/2011 siendo nombrado como administrador el mismo dia Shahe Ohannessian y la sociedad offshore constituida en el Libano el 30/4/2011, Sports Investments SAL. Mientras que la mujer de Rosell permanecio como apoderada de BSM hasta su revocacion el 26/2/2013.

Los medios intentaron localizar sin exito al nuevo administrador de BSM, un total desconocido en el mundo del marketing, Rosell nunca aclaro la venta de su sociedad BSM, porque? y quien es "Shahe Ohannesian?"...

Shahe Shane Hannessian
Shahe Shane Hannessian de origen Libanes, reside en Glandale (USA), es un viejo amigo de Rosell desde 1982 con el que compartio promocion en ESADE, como el mismo publico en su libro "Benvingut al Mon Real"

Shane ademas de su relacion con Rosell, tambien es amigo de Josep Maria Bartomeu y Jordi Mestre Masdeu, aunque despues de hacer publica en Twitter su vinculacion con BSM, Shane bloqueo su perfil de Facebook, si buscais un poco podreis facilmente localizar como son amigos los hijos de todos ellos, por lo que ambos han sido en todo momento conscientes del engaño y de los negocios que Rosell mantuvo con BSM hasta su renuncia.

Shahe Shane Hannessian, trabajo como scout para el programa "Aspire Football Dreams" organizado por Bonus Sports Marketing en Nigeria en 2013

Publicado 31/8/2013

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1 de junio de 2014

Qatar Petroleum

Antes de continuar leyendo esta publicacion recomiendo la lectura integra del articulo publicado por El Confidencial el 1/4/2014:

Ruz vincula la corrupcion de los Pujol y la Gurtel a traves de la inmobiliaria Neu 1500

La sociedad "Neu 1500" esta participada al 50% por las sociedades Teyco y Copisa. La primera controlada por Carles Sumarroca Coixet, cofundador de CDC y socio historico de la familia Rosell, entre ellas en las sociedades EMTE, Proelec, Ceramica Collet, Colomer y Munmany o Lolana. La segunda "Copisa Constructora Pirenaica SA" controlada por la familia Cornado.

En mayo 2012 Copisa se asocio con "PAT Engineering USA", registrada como "PAT USA Inc" podeis ver los documentos de la sociedad en el estado de Michigan (USA) al final de esta publicacion. Dando lugar a la sociedad Pat Copisa Internacional, aqui teneis su pagina web, en la pestaña de "Client List", como se puede ver cuentan entre sus clientes con "Qatar Foundation" y "Qatar Petroleum"

Pat Engineering esta presente en Qatar, USA, India, Kwait, Corea del Sur y es socio de ERTIBAT International, en su web tambien podeis encontrar a Copisa entre sus asociados y el listado de proyectos en Qatar:

En Febrero 2009 PAT Engineering formo una Joint Venture con Vimac SA. El presidente de "Pat USA Inc", como se puede ver mas abajo en los documentos, es Marin A. Harti.

Para terminar, cerramos el circulo y volvemos al inicio de esta publicacion, en este caso con la familia Contreras y el Grupo Azvi :


Plot to buy the World Cup

Jonathan Calvert and Heidi Blake Published: 1 June 2014

THE secret payments that helped Qatar to win the World Cup bid are revealed for the first time this weekend in a bombshell cache of millions of documents leaked to The Sunday Times.

The files expose how Qatar’s astonishing victory in the race to secure the right to host the 2022 tournament was sealed by a covert campaign by Mohamed bin Hammam, the country’s top football official.

The Qatari vice-president of Fifa, the governing body of world football, used secret slush funds to make dozens of payments totalling more than $5m to senior football officials to create a groundswell of support for Qatar’s plan to take world football by storm.

This weekend and over the coming weeks this newspaper will expose how Bin Hammam exploited his position at the heart of world football to help to secure from the key members of Fifa’s 24-man ruling committee the votes that Qatar needed to win.

The files, compiled by analysing an electronic database of hundreds of millions of emails, accounts and other documents, unlock the mystery of how a tiny desert state with no football infrastructure won the right to host the world’s biggest sporting tournament. This week they reveal how Bin Hammam:
  • Used 10 slush funds controlled by his private company and cash handouts to make dozens of payments of up to $200,000 into accounts controlled by the presidents of 30 African football associations who held sway over how the continent’s four executive (Exco) members would vote
  • Hosted a series of lavish junkets for football presidents across Africa at which he handed out almost $400,000 in cash and met delegates privately to offer further payments while pushing for their support for the Qatar bid
  • Paid out at least €305,000 in legal and private detective fees for Reynald Temarii, the disgraced Oceania Exco member, after he was suspended for telling undercover reporters that he had been offered $12m for his vote. Temarii refused to resign as an Exco member, thus preventing his planned replacement from voting for Qatar’s rival Australia in 2022 and England in 2018
  • Funnelled more than $1.6m directly into bank accounts controlled by Jack Warner, the Exco member for Trinidad and Tobago, including $450,000 before the vote
  • Used his position in charge of Fifa’s Goal Programme funds to channel $800,000 to the Ivory Coast FA, whose Exco member Jacques Anouma agreed to “push very hard the bid of Qatar”. He also signed off two payments of $400,000 each to the federations of two other voters
  • Hosted Issa Hayatou, the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), on a lavish junket in Doha at which delegates were lobbied over the 2022 bid. A month later the Qatar bid committee announced an exclusive $1m deal to sponsor CAF’s annual congress in Angola, preventing rival countries including Australia from lobbying key figures from the continent.
This weekend football chiefs, politicians and anti-corruption experts called for the competition for the 2022 World Cup to be rerun. Alexandra Wrage, a former member of Fifa’s independent governance committee, said the evidence was a “smoking gun”.

John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons culture committee, said: “There is now an overwhelming case that the decision as to where the World Cup should be held in 2022 should be run again.”

The disclosures come as the Qatar 2022 bid committee is facing a showdown with Fifa’s top investigator, Michael Garcia, in Oman. Sources say Garcia will interview the Qatar bid committee face to face for the first time during his two-year investigation into alleged corruption in the bidding contests for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

It is understood Garcia has no plans to interview Bin Hammam because the official Qatar bid committee has always insisted he is an “entirely separate” individual who had nothing to do with the campaign to bring the World Cup to Doha.

The bid committee was quick to disown Bin Hammam publicly when he was banned from world football in 2011 after being caught bribing voters in his attempt to be elected Fifa president.

However, the leaked documents show close contact with the leaders of the Qatar bid, arranging a lavish junket paid for by the 2022 team at which he offered football officials large payments in exchange for their support.

Fifa’s rules ban bid committees, or any of their associates, from “providing to Fifa or any representative of Fifa ... any monetary gifts [or] any kind of personal advantage that could give even the impression of exerting influence, or conflict of interest, either directly or indirectly, in connection with the bidding process ... and any benefit, opportunity, promise, remuneration or service to any such individuals, in connection with the bidding process”.

The revelations threaten to engulf Fifa as it prepares to gather for its annual congress in Brazil on June 10 ahead of the World Cup.

Facing pressure to rerun the bid, Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, admitted last month that it had been a “mistake” to hand the tournament to Qatar after Fifa’s technical assessors had said a Doha World Cup would be “high risk” because the searing desert temperatures of up to 50C could be harmful to the players.

The files show Bin Hammam sought to secure support from the African voters, lobbying them on junkets at which he showered them with gifts, lucrative benefits, private jet travel and extraordinary hospitality.

Emails, faxes, accounts and dozens of bank transfer slips show he bought support across the continent by handing out hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash to African football officials and
making payments directly into their personal bank accounts. The money was paid from a series of slush funds controlled by his Kemco construction company, including his own and his daughter’s bank accounts.

Buying support across Africa was central to Bin Hammam’s strategy because the members of CAF exerted collective influence over how its block of four Exco members should vote. Several of the officials he paid held seats on CAF’s ruling executive committee and another nine currently sit on standing committees of the Fifa executive.

The files reveal that Bin Hammam hosted three of the key African voters and 35 other football officials on a junket in Doha in December 2009 which was bankrolled by the Qatar bid.

Email correspondence with some of the football officials afterwards reveals that he lobbied them to support the World Cup bid in exchange for large payments.

John Muinjo, president of the Namibian FA, emailed Bin Hammam promising that his federation “will always be behind you in its unequivocal support at all times”and adding that “we would want to be assisted with a once off financial assistance to the tune of U$50,000” to build football pitches.

Bin Hammam responded personally, pledging that it would be “delivered as soon as possible”. Last week Muinjo said the money had never reached his account.

The key Exco voter, Anouma, promised his support in correspondence with his Qatari colleague after a stay in Doha the same month.

He instructed his secretary-general at the Ivory Coast FA to write to Bin Hammam on his behalf promising to “push very hard the bid of Qatar” and later sent an email himself expressing “thanks and gratitude” for the hospitality he and his wife had received.

He went on: “I would like to assure you of my desire to ensure that the discussions we had together during this stay translate into concrete action. I would ask you to convey to His Highness the Emir of Qatar my sincere thanks and expression of my deep respect.”

David Fani, president of the Botswana FA, also emailed Bin Hammam after the trip to Doha to say how impressed he had been by Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 bid.

“I have no doubt that your country will be ready for the 2022 Fifa World Cup and, even without a vote, I pledge my support to you in this respect. If there is anything that I can do, no matter how small, to assist your course, I would be happy to oblige,” he wrote.

“I will write to you in the new year concerning assistance to Botswana Football Association as per our discussion of 21 December 2009.”

The files also show Bin Hammam used his wealth to block a vote that would have gone to Australia, Qatar’s rival for the 2022 World Cup, and England in the 2018 contest.

The opportunity was presented to him just two days before the vote when Temarii had decided to step down as an Exco member. Temarii had been suspended over remarks made to a Sunday Times undercover reporter and was under pressure to stand aside so that his colleague from the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) could take his place and vote. However, the documents suggest there was a secret 11th-hour intervention by Bin Hammam. On the same day Temarii changed his mind and put out a statement saying that he was going to appeal his suspension.

This meant that OFC was disenfranchised — much to the anger of the Australian bid members who were expecting to receive the vote of Temarii’s planned replacement as Oceania’s Exco member. England lost out too as Temarii’s would-be replacement was thought to favour its bid. It was one less vote for Qatar’s opponents in the 2022 contest.

Bin Hammam’s role in the affair is now likely to be investigated as emails seen by The Sunday Times show he paid for Temarii to continue his appeal.

In the following months two Bin Hammam slush funds paid €200,000 and €105,000 in legal and detective fees on behalf of Temarii. The revelation will raise questions about the integrity of the voting process and how far it was compromised in favour of Qatar by Bin Hammam’s cash.

Other suspicious payments to voters include two payments totalling $450,000 to Warner in the two years before the vote. Correspondence in the month after Qatar won the vote also shows Warner referred to Bin Hammam as “the only brother I have in football” and went on to send his bank details.

The email trail and bank documents also reveal the true story of a further $1.2m payment from Bin Hammam to Warner almost eight months after the bid when the two men had been suspended by Fifa for paying bribes to voters in Bin Hammam’s campaign to unseat Blatter as the president of Fifa.

Bin Hammam declined to respond to correspondence and calls last week. His son emailed The Sunday Times to say that he and the family would not comment.

Last night members of the Qatar bid committee denied any link to Bin Hammam and said he had played no secret role in their campaign. They said they had no knowledge of any payments he had made and they had no involvement in any improper conduct.

Fuente: The Sunday Times

23 de febrero de 2014

Entradas a GOGO!!

Imagen del ensobrado de entradas FC Barcelona-FC Ajax
Hace tiempo me llegaba una informacion de unos individuos que realizaban continuos envios de entradas del FC Barcelona y conciertos, en nombre de Viagogo, Ticketbis y Ticketmaster desde una agencia de transportes ubicada en L'Hospitalet de Llobregat y las entradas les eran facilitadas por el Club.

Imagen de la cabecera de la factura correspondiente a los envios
realizados a nombre de Viagogo en Agosto 2013
En estos meses se ha podido obtener informacion haciendo el seguimiento coincidente con la puesta a la venta de las localidades en taquilla, asi como datos que identifican a los individuos y grabaciones, las entradas son recogidas por los individuos en la habitacion de un hotel cercano a Camp Nou el mismo día de la puesta a la venta en taquilla, trasladandose la misma tarde a la agencia de transportes donde realizan el ensobrado a la vista de todo el mundo, también disponen de abonos.

Antes de entrar en las vinculaciones societarias que han aparecido, aclarar dos cuestiones importantes de la factura de Viagogo de Agosto 2013 que aparece en la imagen anterior.

1.- Que la factura corresponde a los envios de Agosto 2013 a nombre de una sociedad disuelta en 2012

2.- Que no se aplica ningun tipo de descuento por volumen de envios          

La sociedad Ticketbis SL inicio sus operaciones de venta de entradas "fan to fan" en Bilbao el 24/11/2010 siendo sus administradores (acceso a la web):

La sociedad Todoentradas SL inicio sus operaciones en Bilbao el 28/7/2009, registrada en el mismo domicilio social de la anterior, siendo sus administradores:

En el caso de Eneko Knorr de Santiago tiene cargo en las sociedades:

El socio unico de Ludei Europe SL es la sociedad Ludei Inc:

Siendo sus directores en California:

Se da la circunstancia que el agente que registra la sociedad Ludei Inc en el estado de Delaware (USA) es el mismo de Viagogo y Pugnacious Endeavors Inc.

Volviedo a los datos de la sociedad Ticketbis SL, tambien consta como Administrador solidario Jon Uriarte Uranga y Ander Michelena Llorente tienen cargo en las sociedades:

La sociedad Iguana Tickets SL y como se puede ver en su web se dedican, entre otros, a la venta de entradas para el Mundial de Brasil 2014:
Termos e Condições de uso do portal

Para terminar en estos links podeis encontrar al Directivo Didac Lee y a Eneko Knorr

y os dejo un video de Iniciador, de febrero 2010, con Sandro Rosell y Didac Lee en primera fila:

#Emprendedores #JuntaDimissio

6 de febrero de 2014

Espai Faus

"Arrenca el nou Espai Barça" video completo

El 3 de febrero de 2014 a las 13:00 horas, se presentaba en el Auditorio 1899 el proyecto "Espai Barça" con la presencia de Jordi Cardoner Casaus, Javier Faus Santasusana y Jordi Moix Latas. 

*Antes de continuar con la diseccion del video, dar las gracias por las imagenes al Dpto de comunicacion del FC Barcelona y a Barça Tv, por que sin la excelente realizacion seria imposible que hubiese quedado registrado, recomiendo ver con detalle la introduccion de Javier Faus antes de continuar leyendo.

A las 13:18h y 13:20h se remitian por whatsapp al movil de Javier Faus el contenido de la siguiente imagen:

En la siguiente imagen se muestran los detalles del contacto, con el numero parcial de movil de Javier Faus, tambien se encuentra publicada en el blog la grabacion de la "conversacion" mantenida con Javier Faus el 30/8/2013 aqui:

Diseccionemos el video de la presentacion: finalizada la primera intervencion de Javier Faus, se ve en la secuencia del minuto 14:01 al 14:09 como coge su movil:

En las secuencias del minuto 14:45 a 15:07 y 15:40 a 15:59 podemos ver su reaccion:

Segunda intervencion de Javier Faus en el minuto 28:53:

Comparativa acustica del inicio de las dos intervenciones:

Recordar, no hacerle estas cosas a Faus en directo que se pone nervioso si lo distraeis y ya tiene bastantes preocupaciones con arreglar las simulaciones.

#QueNoTeEmbauquen #JuntaaCanBrians

22 de enero de 2014

Neymar, Camp Nou y el pelotazo de Rosell

En el mes de junio 2013 publicaba las conexiones de Sandro Rosell en Brasil con las personas que habian estado vinculadas al fichaje de Neymar:

En esta misma publicacion aparecia tambien el acuerdo suscrito entre el representante del jugador Wagner Ribeiro y 9ine el 19/4/2011. La sociedad 9ine es propiedad de Ronaldo Nazario de Lima y de Marcus Buaiz.

Se da la circunstancia que Ronaldo es amigo personal de Sandro Rosell, incluso este estuvo el 8/6/2011 en Brasil, presenciando desde la grada el ultimo partido de Ronaldo con la seleccion Brasileña, fue la ultima vez que Rosell piso Brasil, la camiseta de este encuentro fue regalada a su tambien amigo Nicu Gheara, considerado uno de los maximos responsables de la mafia Rumana en Europa y del que el directivo Eduardo Coll es socio de su mano derecha, Daniel Pepy Nicolae.

El 18/10/2011 se constituia la sociedad "N & N Consultoria Esportiva e Empresarial Ltda", sociedad a la que fueron pagados los 40 Millones segun explico Josep Maria Bartomeu

El 27/10/2011 se constituia la sociedad "Neymar Store Ltda"

Ambas sociedades se encuentran registradas con domicilio social en Av Capitao Mor Aguiar 567 "Loja 1" y "Loja 2" como se puede ver en los certificados

El domicilio social de ambas sociedades, corresponde a las dos puertas de "garage" que aparecen en la fotografia.

El 15/11/2011 se firmo el primero de los contratos entre el FC Barcelona y Neymar, este es el contrato origen de los 10 Millones que aparecen en la memoria de 2012.

El 9/12/2011 el Director Comercial & Marketing de Traffic Sports, Eduardo Barrieu, se convierte en Vicepresidente Comercial de IMX Esporte e Entretenimento. Barrieu abandono Traffic Sports en el mes de agosto 2011.

El 19/6/2012 se constituia en Brasil la sociedad "N & N Adminitracao de Bens, Participacoes e Investimentos Ltda"

El 11/7/2012 Neymar suscribio un segundo acuerdo de derechos de imagen, con la sociedad IMX Esportes e Entretenimento, Join Venture creada en noviembre de 2011, entre las sociedades EBX Group, del magnate Brasileño, Eike Batista, la sociedad IMG Worldwide y la adquirida Brasil 1 Esportes e Entretenimento.

El Presidente de IMG Internacional e IMG Worldwide es Ian T Todd, ex jefe de Sandro Rosell en Nike y directivo en la ya conocida Viagogo (AEG-Michael Jackson-O2 Arena)

Por otra parte IMX tambien es socia de la multinacional AEG con la que junto a la constructora Odebrecht se adjudicaron la explotacion del estadio Maracana en mayo 2013

En septiembre 2012 se publica el interes de Colony Capital por AEG, la cual tiene ademas el 20% de la Inmobiliaria Grupo Colonial en la que Javier Faus Santasusana ocupa el cargo de consejero, Colony Capital era propietaria del Paris Saint Germain y fue vendido a Qatar Sports Investments.

El 5/9/2012 se constituia la sociedad "Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr"

El 11/1/2013 se aprobaba la Ley 1642 en la Camara Municipal de Praia Grande, por la que se concede la cesion a 30 años de una parcela de 8.400 metros cuadrados al "Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr" para la construccion de un complejo deportivo.

Texto completo de la concesion al Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr

El 18/1/2013 se presentaba el Instituto Proyecto Neymar Junior en Brasil

El 3/6/2013 se firma el traspaso de Neymar al FC Barcelona

El 12/6/2013 los medios informaban de la querella de la Fiscalia de delitos economicos de Barcelona contra la familia Messi, se comenta en algunos circulos que "algun miembro de la familia Messi habria tenido conocimiento de algunos "detalles economicos" de la operacion del que podrian haberse beneficiado algunos directivos y esta serian las consecuencias"

El 5/12/2013 se presentaba el acuerdo entre el Instituto Proyecto Neymar Junior y la Fundacion FC Barcelona

AEG ademas es una de las sociedades que aparecen en el proyecto del nuevo Camp Nou de la Junta de Sandro Rosell, la de los valores, la transparencia, el codigo etico de obligado cumplimiento, segun la reforma estatutaria aprobada en la asamblea de 2013 y en la que su presidente pide ser imputado, la otra sociedad que tambien ha estado trabajando en el proyecto, ISG se da la circunstancia que su Presidente es, Ian T Todd.

Recordar que segun informaba el directivo Jordi Moix por estos trabajos se han gastado/abonado a "sus amigos" 1.000.000€, gasto del cual no habian informado al socio y con los que pretenden "compartir" otros 600 Millones de Euros si nadie se lo impide.

El 16/1/2014 se solicito a la Fiscalia Anticorrupcion se persone en la querella criminal interpuesta contra Alexander Rosell Feliu por el socio Jordi Cases

Os dejo el link de la publicacion de ESPN Brasil y que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones:

#MafiososDimision #JuntaaCanBrians #TotsSomJordiCases